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State Of Maine Certified Septic System Installation
As a State-of-Maine-certified septic system installer, we will provide you with the knowledge and expertise required for a high-quality system. We are experienced in conventional and alternative systems and have installed them in extremely difficult locations and tight spots. With a fleet of excavators — from very large to very small — we have the right equipment to fit any job. Our crew averages more than 20 years of experience installing systems. Though we have installed thousands of systems, we continue to re-certify our team leaders to stay on top of the latest updates and technology in the industry.

Steps to a new or replacement septic system:
1. Required by State of Maine law, a homeowner must contact a licensed soil engineer to evaluate the site and to draw up an HHE-200 septic system plan (Contact us for a list of engineers).
2. When the plan is complete, the plan can be emailed ( or faxed (207-799-7028) to us for a guaranteed price quote.
3. We will visit your site and meet with you about any concerns you may have. We will then send you a price quote.
4. Visit your local Town Hall to obtain a septic system permit. You will be required to bring three originals of your plan and a check to pay the fee. Once you have the permit approved, notify us. You are all set to proceed with the installation.
5. Sign the contract and return with the deposit.
6. As we install the system, we will contact the code enforcement officer of your town. They will inspect our work and approve the installation.